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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Beer Club?

Click here to learn more and join!

What does a membership come with?

Each month you'll receive 2 four packs of our latest releases, access to Member Monday, a complimentary flight in our taproom during Member Monday, and a free taste of the beers included in your monthly allocation during Member Monday. You'll have a direct line to the TALEA Team with a dedicated email for any questions you might have. As they're available, you'll also receive discount or early access tickets to select events. And there are sure to be a few surprises along the way :-) You're welcome to bring friends to Member Monday, but only members receive the perks.

Can I swap the beers in my membership if I don't like them?

Yes! You can easily swap any of the beers you receive as part of your allocation for another 4 pack of your choosing. When you come to pick-up, you can select your beers or a Beer Crew member can help you find the perfect pack!

When can I pick up my beer?

Your beer will be available for pick up starting on Member Monday and will remain available until the next Member Monday. After that time, we can't guarantee availability of Beer Club allocations. 

Where do I pick up my beer?

Your beer will be available in our Williamsburg taproom located at 87 Richardson Street in Brooklyn. 

When is Member Monday?

Member Mondays are typically the first Monday of every month, but you'll get an email from us a few days before to confirm the date. 

I'll be out of town on Member Monday - can my friend pick up my beer?

Yes, as long as they're 21 or older! Just shoot us an email to let us know your friend's name prior to them coming to pick up. If they come during Member Monday, they can even enjoy your complimentary flight! 

I received a membership as a gift - will it automatically renew?

What a good friend you have! When they purchased your membership, it was for a certain number of months and it won't automatically renew. If you'd like to extend your membership, you can do so by purchasing a Monthly Beer Club Membership here

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel by clicking "Manage Subscription" in your subscription confirmation email, or by emailing us here

Can my membership be shipped?

We aren’t shipping beer at this time, but maybe in the future!

Do I need a reservation for Member Monday?

No! There will be plenty of room for members to mix and mingle, as well as some tables if you want to stay a bit longer.