Beer and Cheese Pairing Class

Monday, May 20, 2024, 7:00 until 8:15pm

It’s the season for hosting, whether you’re inviting people over to your backyard, your balcony, or packing up for a park picnic - nothing says spring hosting like a cheese plate. And in our humble opinion, nothing goes better with cheese than summer beer.

When you hear the words "American cheese," the first thing that likely comes to mind is a bright orange plastic-wrapped square. And while they might be the most well-known iteration, cheesemongers know that they're only a small slice (pun intended) of American cheese history. The United States is a melting pot (perhaps even a fondue) of different cultures (another pun, also intended) and each group of immigrants that arrived brought with them their own cheesemaking knowledge and traditions. And although these recipes have their own origins, generations of American cheesemakers have adjusted and tweaked them to be their own, even creating their own original recipes along the way. These days, American cheesemakers are producing world-class award-winning cheeses, and what better to pair them with than beer, one of America’s oldest and most iconic beverages? Join Talea’s Hannah Kiem and cheesemonger Emilia D’Albero on a journey through the history of American beer and cheese, and taste 4 of the finest examples of each. 

Your ticket includes:

- An immersive 1 hour + 15 minute class.

- A specially curated pairing of four beers and four cheeses, with detailed explanation of each.

- Q+A session to answer all of your burning beer and cheese questions

Refund Policy: All refunds must be requested at least 48 hours in advance of the event. To request a refund, please email

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