SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 6:30 UNTIL 9:30

oin Camille Roberts, Shafi Hossain, Amber Singletary, Caroline Hanes and Tina Sieben for drinks and a night of fun and laughter to benefit girls' education in Nothern Ghana with Engage Globally! All are welcome to join us for drinks beforehand at 6:30 pm.

All ticket proceeds directly benefit Engage Globally programming. Just $25 supports an entire month of school for a child and between September 18 - September 22, all donations up to $50 are matched 50% by Global Giving. If you have an extra $5, $10, or $15, or $20 dollars to share during this week, your giving is maximized! Donate here.

According to the Global Partnership for Education, girls with primary education earn 14 - 19% more than girls with no education at all and girls with secondary education may expect to earn twice as much. Education also reduces child marriage, early childbearing, and increases health, nutrition, and agency.

Engage is raising money to support the education of over 400 children, ages four to eleven, in our partner village communities in rural Northern Ghana. At our community learning centers each student receives a daily lunch to reduce malnutrition, school uniforms, a pair of shoes, learning supplies, and classes with a local bilingual teacher, most of whom are graduates of our youth education program. The unique curriculum includes environmental education with a large garden and a focus on local resources and cultural appreciation. The centers are also used for parent meetings, adult education, youth soccer, and other community activities. Most adults in Engage’s nine partnercommunities of about 14,000 people, are subsistence farmers and live below the global poverty line of $2 per day. Thus, every donation has a significant impact.

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